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What are the best rules for cut flowers?


Here are the best practices for caring for cut flowers:

  • Use fresh tap water
  • Always use a clean vase
  • Consumer research has shown that the minimum vase size is 1 quart (32 onces)
  • Do not use metal or antique crystal vases; if you do, use an acid resistant liner
  • Ensure that you have enough flower food for the size of the vase
  • Carefully follow the package directions
  • Remove leaves below the rim of the vase
  • Damage the stem as little as possible
  • Remove thorns only if necessary
  • Cut at least 1 inch off the stem
  • Always use a sharp knife so not to damage the stem.
  • Cut the stems at an angle to prevent damaging and flattening of the stem
  • Give flowers that arrive wilted a chance to re-hydrate in their packaging, in water, in a cool, dark place for several hours
  • Remove wilted or damaged flowers and flowers with Botrytis
  • Do not spray water on buds and flowers as this increases the chance of botrytus
  • Flowers do not like drafts, direct sunlight, proximity to a heater, smoke and the gasses of ripening fruits!
  • Top off with the same type of flower food you initially used.