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How many bunches should I buy?


Another question we constantly get asked is how many flowers to buy.

There are so many variables it's a hard question to easily answer. All these factors come into play when determining the quantity of flowers you'll need:

  • How big are your vases (height and diameter of the opening)?
  • What shape are the vases?
  • Are you greening up the vases?
  • What flowers are you planning on using?

But the best answer to this question is a question: "Have you created a sample or two?"

By doing a trial run, you gain a better understanding of the amount of flowers and greens it's going to take for one of your arrangements. Armed with some actual numbers from making your sample(s) you can now easily calculate the number of each flower needed for your event. On the website each flower will have an expected stem/bloom count so simple division should yield the number of bunches needed.

Some considerations:

All flowers are not created equal:
With few exceptions, bloom sizes are going to vary. Because of this (and any accidents that may happen), we strongly urge you to order at least 10% more than what you figure you'll need. Sometimes you'll get lucky and the stem/bloom size will be generous, other times maybe not so much. It's nature so factor accordingly.

Greens not only enhance the look of your arrangements but make designing them easier. A properly greened vase will often require less flowers and fewer fillers.