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Arrangements, what's there to know?


You've got your recipe right?
Don't wing it, for best results we recommend that prior to this point you've created a sample or two, perfecting both the design and your design skills.

Good beginnings:
Because you've made a sample or two you've ordered enough flowers and greens so you won't come up short.

Your flowers have been processed and hydrated - they've been cleaned, allowed to drink water for several hours and bloom open a bit. So now you're ready to get creative.

The prep:
Start with clean vases - run them through the dishwasher if necessary. Fill them with water and flower food mixed according to package directions, dry the sides and rim of the vase with a clean cloth then grid the top with Oasis vase tape. Wrap tape around the side of the vase at the very top to secure the top grid pieces securely. Now you're ready to green up your vases. Use a variety of greens to not only hide your mechanics, but to add texture and interest to your arrangements.

Greening the vases can be done a day or two in advance as long as you've got someplace cool and dark to store them before adding the flowers. Professional florists do this routinely.

Once greened your vases are now ready for you to add the flowers.

Make little tied arrangements to drop in bud vases or petal up the flowers to sprinkle on buffet tables

Finishing up:

  • Put your arrangements someplace cool and dark until you're ready to use them.
  • They **SHOULD NOT** be stored with fresh fruit or vegetables.
  • If you transport them, top off the the vases with water when you get to the destination.

Hand-tied bouquets:
Once you've finished, clip the stem ends even (yes, now you can use clippers) and drop the bouquet into a vase or quart mason jar filled with an inch or so of water. Your bouquets should be in water until right up until photographs or the ceremony. If's it's hot, drop the bouquet back into water between photos and the ceremony if possible to keep it looking fresh.