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How do you care for Gerberas?


Recut stem ends with a sharp blade (** NOT CLIPPERS **) removing at least 1 inch of stem. Immediately after cutting place them into a clean bucket filled with lukewarm water (100°F - 110°F) with flower food mixed according to package directions.

After processing, place them somewhere cool and dark and allow them to hydrate for at least two hours before arranging them. Except for design time it is best to keep these flowers cool and dark until the event if possible. Gerberas often have curved stems - wiring the stems or placing them inside straws (preferable to wiring) can help straighten the stems. Gerberas also will naturally turn their heads toward light.

Gerberas are not affected by exposure to ethylene. Be careful to not drip water on the blooms because it will leave brown spots on the petal.

VASE LIFE: Their life can be greatly extended by changing the water every day and using flower food according to package directions. Also, recut the stems daily removing at least one-half inch of stem and keep your arrangements out of direct sunlight, away from drafty areas and place the flowers in the coolest room at night. Four to 14 days is the typical vase life for cut Gerberas, depending on variety and care.

BOTANICAL NAME: Gerbera jamesonii (GUR-bur-uh jaym-SO-nee-eye)