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How do you care for Sunflowers?


Sunflowers are highly susceptible to water stress so you need to get them hydtrated as soon as possible.

Remove the rubber band or twist tie from the stems, as well as any leaves that would be under water. Recut stems with a sharp knife (** NOT CLIPPERS **), removing at least 1 inch of stem. Place them into clean buckets half filled with warm (100° F to 110” F) and flower food mixed according to package directions. Place sunflowers someplace cool and dark and allow them to hydrate for at least two hours before using.

Some varieties of sunflowers are sensitive to ethylene gas. To be safe keep them away from sources of ethylene: fruit and vegetables, decaying flowers and foliage and cigarette smoke.

VASE LIFE:  Recut stems, wash containers and change water every other day to prevent bacteria buildup and keep water flowing up the stems. Use flower food according to package directions. 

BOTANICAL NAME: Helianthus annuus  (hee-lee-AN-thus AN-yoo-us)