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How do you care for Hydrangeas?


Unpack immediately upon arrival. Remove sleeves from around the blooms and using scissors, carefully remove most of the foliage on the stems. Do not nick or cut into the stem when removing the foliage.

Cut at least 1 inch off each stem, at an angle, with a sharp knife (** NOT CLIPPERS **). This will remove debris and stem-plugging microbes in the stem ends.  Do not crush or smash the stems. Immediately after cutting, dip or place the stem ends into a hydration solution to help these thirsty flowers absorb flower-food solution more quickly and easily.
Following the hydration solution treatment, place into a clean bucket with lukewarm water (100° F to 110° F) and flower food mixed according to package directions.

After processing, place them into a cool dark place to hydrate for at least two hours before arranging them.

Hydrangeas are sensitive to ethylene gas and may exhibit flower shattering when exposed to it so protect these flowers from sources of ethylene gas: fruits and vegetables, decaying flowers and foliage and cigarette smoke.

VASE LIFE: Depending on care and variety, cut Hydrangeas can last five to 10 days and  typically, they do best in vase arrangements. Pinch off florets as they fade. Hydrangeas are heavy drinkers and can wilt easily, so check the flower-food solution level daily, and change the water and recut the stems every other day.  Frequent light misting can be beneficial for flowers at room temperature. Crowning Glory will also assist in extending these flowers’ lasting quality.

BOTANICAL NAME: Hydrangea  (hy-DRAN-jee-uh, hy-DRAN-juh)