Excellent experience

I'm so thankful for Mike and Andy at Reno Wholesale Flowers! I wanted to save some money on my wedding flowers (I only needed bouquets), and so I decided to order wholesale. Before I even ordered my flowers, Mike was kind enough to provide me with a tour of the warehouse and workshop area, and showed me their stock of flowers so I could visualize them in person. Less than a day after I ordered my flowers online, Mike checked in with me to make sure I added everything I needed. I also took advantage of their DIY workspace in the warehouse, and made my bouquets with my mom and sister. The day before we were scheduled to make the bouquets, Andy called to let me know that some of the flowers didn't make the shipment as expected, and they overnighted some from California, just to make sure I had them in time! The customer service was incredible, and I wish I had more reasons to order flowers in bulk from them!
Testimonial By: Anastasia