So you're doing it yourself



DIY Parties

Upon your purchase of floral products from us, you are welcome to use our facilities and tools for your DIY party for a rental fee of $25. If you wish to bring in floral product obtained elsewhere, the facility rental fee is $225 per three-hour session. You may bring food and refreshments (no hard liquor), for your party of up to a maximum of 12 people. The Floral Design Center is a professional working environment, so please do not bring children under the age of 7. Your DIY Party needs to be scheduled in advance.

You may schedule to rent one of our professional designers to instruct or assist you in making your pieces. The rental fee for this service is $125/hour, or any part thereof. However, and often as is the case for weddings, you may decide not only to have a DIY party with friends and relatives, but also to have our design staff create the more complicated pieces. For this, we will schedule a consultation with a senior designer.

You may bring your own containers for centerpieces and bouquets, but we also carry many that are available for purchase, or in some cases rent. Carryout boxes for vase arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres also are available for purchase. Buckets with a flower food solution are available for purchase should you wish to take your flowers and greens off-site to make your pieces. You will be responsible for cleaning and sweeping your work are when finished, otherwise, we will charge a $25 fee to do it for you.

If you plan to transport your finished products to your event, please bring boxes and packing material to carry your pieces. Upon prior request and availability, we will be happy to schedule delivery and/or set-up services to your event site for a customized fee that depends upon distance, time, labor, and services required.